What is PoorMan's?

PoorMan's is a completely homegrown festival built out of nothing but hopes and dreams, and maybe a bit of duct tape for reinforcement.

It was originally dreamt up by Justin and Diarmuid as a birthday party to celebrate just how little money we had in our pockets.

We still have that same reason to throw it every once and a while, we pride ourselves in slashing every budget and corner so that you can have the best in homemade festivals.

When is it on?

Ok, this is a little difficult to pinpoint right now, some say it happens when the silage gets cut, others maintain it's when Diarmuid and Justin get bored. Others still argue that it's actually all a big dream inside Edwards head.

We're aiming for the 9th of September 2017. That's one week after the Electric Picnic and around the time students start heading back to colleges for freshers week.

Now right now this is far from confirmed so just bare with us for a bit OK!?

Who Can Go?

Chances are if you're reading this then you already know you can come, I mean we're all friends right?

On a serious note PoorMan's is a festival built for friends, if you know us we'd be more than happy to have you, if you know someone who's already been then we'd love to meet you. If you're coming out of the blue then that's ok too. Just give us a shout and we'll sort out the details!

Where is it happening?

Ok, so to put it bluntly it's happening in a field not far from the middle of no where in Offaly. Near a place called Boora. We can't say just yet exactly where, that's a secret you learn after you claim your ticket!

How do I get there?

Simplest way is probably to drive, cheapest is to walk. For everything else in between from lifts to bicycles to public transport just drop us a message and we'll get you sorted somehow!

How much is it?

PoorMan's always has been and always will be free to attend. 

How and ever it does take a lot of effort, commitment and resources to put on, not just from us but from everyone who lends a hand, gives a shovel or brings down some speakers. 

So if you have the means to support us we would really appreciate it if you would choose one of the paid for tickets, we'll meake sure to get you back  with a thank you and some sweet ass merch. Oh and a kick ass party, yeah we can't forget that!

When you actually pay for a ticket we immediately, if not sooner, use that money for all sorts of things. We purchase the ingredients for the alcohol, raid Penney's for the merch and visit GEM for all the timber that goes into your average PoorMan's.

We also scavange as much as we can, the amount of couches we've acquired for free is staggering. So if you think you've something more than money to volunteer, a particular set of skills say. Maybe you're good with some decks or can truly swing a sledge hammer. Maybe you enjoy designing things or helping to run a small festival. If that's the case find the contact information and get in touch!

How can I pay?

So, basically we've a few ways. The primary way we do things is via PayPal (which includes credit/debit cards and stuff). 

Now cause cash is king we simply can't ignore that so you have the option to reserve a ticket here on the website and choose to pay in cash before you actually get to PoorMan's. Quite handy if the ol taxman has an eye on you or anything we think!

Where it all goes down.

The PoorMan's Field,



Get directions

Contact us with Questions

Probably the quickest way to get in touch with someone who should know what their doing is to call them, that being said we don't want to put out our numbers for the whole of the internet to see!

If you know our numbers just give us a call.

If not you can email us at either of the addresses below:



And we'll get back to you as soon as we can!